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Paperless Wedding

Paperless Wedding offer you the ability to create your wedding invitations and email them to all your guests, the guests can RSVP online and even browse your own website (created through Paperless Wedding and the theme builder) and upload content, leave messages in your guest book or even look at your Amazon wish/wedding list.

This project was done in house at Skyblue Creations Ltd, My role in this project was to develop the theme builder, and develop the whole server side code, including the CMS.

This project is very server side heavy, including 10 crons which run daily, 4 crons which run hourly, 3 crons which run every minute. We also utilize xorg to automatically take screenshots of themes as they are saved.

Amongst other things, users have the ability to import csv, tsv, and xls(x) sheets of their guests, compile a ZIP of all their content to save locally, recieve hourly/daily/weekly stats and updates from activities with their website.

Users can select a pre-made theme to use, and then edit it to their needs, or start from scratch and create their theme to look however they like, the theme builder includes the ability for more advanced users to edit the CSS directly, while updating the GUI tools with these new values.


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